Sunday, July 5, 2015

My Childhood Happiness

Childhood for me is the happiest time of a person's life. I have so many wonderful childhood memories, but most of them are like snapshots pictures in my mind. Opening gifts, learning to ride the bike, trips and outings, birthday and christmas celebrations, etc. All of these memories leave me with happy and pleasant feelings about my childhood. There are really some things that stick in our minds and become happy thoughts. But these ordinary recollections don't really carry the same emotional weight.

With my Papa. Yes, I'm a lolo's girl! ❤️
Sitting like a boss with my tita's on the background.
With my childhood bestfriend, Debbie.
(That's me wearing the red and blue polka dots swimsuit.)
With my ninongs and ninangs.
(That pretty woman carrying me is my mom.)
But there's one thing I missed doing and feeling now that I'm already an adult. Going back to the
years when I was still a little girl made me realize that "THIS" gave me the happiest feeling ever...

I realized that the happiest childhood memory I had was during those days when I was being sandwiched on the bed by my mom and dad. It gave me feelings of security and connectedness. That unexplainable happiness when they put a blanket on me, kissed me goodnight and hugged me until I fell asleep. And waking up in the morning with the two of them by my side made me complete.

I may have lots of happy childhood memories but this one is the happiest and the most significant. If I had a time machine or a genie in the bottle, I'd choose to visit this particular moment once again because I miss this kind of happiness.

"'Tis never the place, but the people one shares it with who are the cause of our happiest moments." - Susanna Kearsley

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