Saturday, June 13, 2015

Modworld Production's #JurassicWorld

Last night, June 13, was the Special Block Screening of Jurassic World in 3D at SM Megamall Cinema 1. 

I was fortunate to have won 2 movie tickets to this event through @ModworldInc's Twitter giveaway!

I gift the movie tickets to my boyfriend's mom and she chose her apo to watch the movie with her. 

I didn't go so there was no moments to write regarding last night's experience. What I would like to share though is this.. 

What I appreciate most about ModWorld, aside from being GENEROUS in giving away free movie passes, is their EFFICIENT CUSTOMER SERVICE.

I've only known that I won free passes the day after they've posted their announcement on Twitter. And upon me knowing about their tweet, I sent them a personal message to ask if I can give the movie tickets to someone else..

Modworld said yes and proactively suggested the option to change my name on their list to the name of the person whom I'd give the tickets to. 

I very much appreciated that! 

It led to a hassle free claiming of the movie passes. I don't even have to go with them or give my valid ID so they can claim the tickets on my behalf. 

So it was a movie date between the lola and the apo. So cute! 

The boyfriend's mom and the boyfriend's nephew enjoyed the movie as much as they've enjoyed their take home lootbags!

They brought home two bags full of stuff from the sponsors. The nephew gave one bag to her ate and gave the other one to me as pasalubong. 

One thing though, the nephew wasn't able to take pictures of him showing his best dinosaur pose in the ModWorld Popcorn Club photo wall so we can have an entry to the Best Dinosaur Impression Photo Contest

But that's okay. We'll give chance to others! 

If you also want to be as lucky as me follow Modworld Productions' social media accounts and get updated with their promos and giveaways. 

Follow them on 
Twitter @modworldinc
Instagram @modworldinc

Thanks again, Modworld Production!!! 

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