Tuesday, April 28, 2015

"Luo Zhen" Your Stiff Neck

A week ago, I woke up with a stiff neck which I painstakingly endured for two days. Poor me because I can't take pain reliever meds to alleviate the pain (can only take Biogesic since I'm preggo). 

To add insult to injury, I was at the same time already experiencing severe headache maybe brought by the pain and discomfort of my stiff neck. I was crying because of the annoying feeling and felt defenseless since I cannot even do anything to save me from the unfairness of the situation (OA alert!).  

So what I did was I searched the net for anything that will save me from my dillemma and came across a post about a home remedy for stiff neck. 

I followed the instructions given and after less than 10 mins, to my surprise, the pain on my neck was gone! I was amazed! I had the stiff neck for two days and in just a matter of minutes, it was already gone. Because of this experience, I instantly became a believer of the powers of acupressure. 

Luo Zhen: 

Luo Zhen is the name of an acupuncture/acupressure point used specifically for a stiff neck. The point is found on the back of the hand in between the two bones in the depression just past the knuckles of the pointer and middle finger.

How to use Luo Zhen to treat a stiff neck:
  1. Massage the point on the opposite side of the body from the neck pain. If the right side of your neck hurts, massage the point on your left hand. You will need to massage this point by pressing into it with the tip of your finger, and make sure to use enough pressure to feel slight tenderness at the point.
  2. Maintain that pressure while making very small circles with your pressing finger.
  3. At the same time as you are stimulating the acupressure point, exercise the neck by rotating your head side to side. You should slowly begin to notice a slight increase in your range of motion while experiencing a decrease in pain.

 What's true to me may not be the same to you BUT there's no harm in trying. Who know's it might actually work?!

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