Friday, June 26, 2015

Of Being An Online Kontesera

I now officially include myself in the list of people who are into joining online contests. And I take pride in branding myself as a CERTIFIED ONLINE KONTESERA! 

I got into this thing after it was announced to me that I won a raffle from Astoria. It was a free buffet dinner and a hotel accomodation to any of their participating hotels (read the story HERE).

The first Twitter contest I've joined was Conzace's #VeyImmunePeraon promo where they would like to know about your travel plan. All you need to do is tweet your answer, tag Conzace and use their official hashtag. Easy, right? 

So I followed the instructions. I immediately received a tweet from Conzace thanking me for joining and asking me to send them a DM with my deets which I obediently and excitedly did. 

I received an email from them giving me further instructions on how I can win their promo for a Limited Edition Travel Health Kit. However, I was not really going to travel during that time so I can't show them a proof of a plane ticket or anything that will prove my travel. 

So, I failed..

Lesson learned: INTEGRITY and HONESTY are important factors in submitting your entries. 

But I didn't stop there. I started following official Twitter accounts (PH accounts) of establishments, brands, restaurants, famous people, bloggers, etc. I cleaned my list of "following" by deleting some accounts that I follow. 

From then on, my eyes were opened to the many promos being offered online. I was engaged in stalking Twitter accounts (am not really into FB and IG) with hopes of bumping into an online giveaway. I particularly join online contests which do not require any purchase. You may call me CHEAPSKATE, I don't care! At least, I am exercising my brain, enhancing my creativity and most especially, I AM WINNING!

Just to share (and to slightly brag) after less than a month of joining online contests, I've already won 17 of the promos I've participated in. And that included winning a VOOC Flash Charger from OPPO and a GC worth 1K from OLX. Isn't that amazing?! 

But I must warn you though, searching for online contests can eat up too much of your time since you need to refresh your feed every now and then. Plus, being infront of your gadget for only you know how long causes eye strain. So be wise and careful. Don't let it take you away from your other obligations and think about your health too. 

So there goes my story on how I started being an Online Kontesera. How about you? Have you joined online contests before and have won? Hope you did! 

To be updated with online contests, you may follow: 
@Hashtag_Phils on Twitter 

Just like what Hashtag PH always says.. 

" Good luck and always use the right HASHTAG! " 

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