Sunday, June 7, 2015

Oppo's #VOOC Flash Charger

This box came in last week via UPS. I was so excited to open it!

A few weeks ago, I joined Oppo's #FreebieFriday on Twitter @oppo. What it asked its readers to do was to simply RT their post with the proper hashtag and you might win the prize. (You can check the promo here) And guess what? I DID!

I won myself an Oppo VOOC Flash Charger!

I am not a techy, gadget-y and know-all person when it comes to specs and the likes. But what I do know is I love VOOC Flash Charger's appearance and it really does charge my phone battery fast! It's comfortable to hold in the hand. It comes in white (the kind of white that I like), it's light and thin. It also has LED status lights on the upper right part of the powerbank. This will show the current state-of-charge. And even the box looks posh!

It's slogan says, "If it's not any faster, it wouldn't be real".

As being described by Oppo, the powerbank will charge your phone up to 75% in just 30 mins, while a 70-minute charge will restore full battery. And that really is a WOW!

The rapid charge adapter needs to be bought separately. But if you have one that is compatible with
your VOOC Flash Charger, it will do.

I did join one of OPPO's online contest again on twitter. This time the prize is an OPPO R7 which is a perfect match for my VOOC Flash Charger.

I am keeping my fingers crossed!

(Sorry for the quality of my photos. This is the reason why I need to win that R7! *wink*)

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