Friday, June 12, 2015

Manila Bulletin's #MBJurassicWorld

Have you already watched Jurassic World? 

If your answer is no, you'd better go see it before everybody talks about it! 

Don't worry, I will not blog about the movie because I know you don't want to hear any spoilers. 

I just want to share how I scored 2 free passes to the Block Screening of Jurassic World. 

I was one of the lucky people who had the chance to see the movie on it's first day of screening here in the Philippines and thanks to Manila Bulletin for making that possible! 

They had this twitter contest where they post questions (related to dinosaurs and the Jurassic movies) daily and all you have to do is answer their question of the day. You can check how the game was played here.

And alas on June 06, I won! 

Joining this kind of contest requires patience (a lot of it) and creativity (in answering the question).

The day of the Special Block Screening came. We arrived at Powerplant Mall around 6:30pm. Approached Cinema 6 where the movie was shown and found Manila Bulletin's booth where I claimed my movie passes.

Since it was still early (movie starts at 7:30 as printed on the movie passes), we went around the mall and did some window shopping. And by the time we went back to the cinema, the line was already 

In the line, the event organizers/sponsors had us signed a sheet and Security Bank (one of the sponsors) gave out foldable plastic fans. 

There was a short program and a mini contest before the movie started. Questions pertaining to the sponsors were asked. And prizes were given out; Umbrellas from Security Bank and Varsity jackets from Manila Bulletin. 

I braved one question and got myself a nice jacket! 

Sponsors to the event were Manila Bulletin, Sky Cable and Security Bank.

As promised, I will not speak about how the movie ended, who died and who made it out alive. 

All I cay is, It was really an awesome movie! 

Again, thanks to Manila Bulletin for my free passes.

Until next time *wink*!!! 

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